Calculating Real Estate Agent Commission (QLD)

Below is a copy of the Queensland Agent's Commission Calculator available from within our purchased service. We have made this tool freely available for use by the public (although note the disclaimer at the bottom with particular regard to deregulation).

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Agent's Commission Calculator (QUEENSLAND)

Instructions :  Simply type in the full purchase price for the property in the box below then click Calculate.  Make sure that you do not insert any symbols (eg $ or commas).

NOTE: QLD Real Estate commission has been deregulated since November 2014. The maximum allowable under previous QLD legislation was 5% of the first $18,000, then 2.5% of the remainder. Therefore, our calculation is a guide only. When choosing an agent you will need to ask how commission is now charged. Some use a flat percentage which can exceed the previous maximum while another may be significantly cheaper.

You will need to add the following items to this calculation:
  • marketing and advertising expenses (if any)
  • GST (at the rate of 10%)


Do not rely solely on our information about commissions or other government legislation as it is always changing and this information cannot fit every situation or cover every scheme offered from time to time. Use this calculator as a guide only.

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