Calculating Registration Fee(QLD)

Below is a copy of the Quicklaw Queensland Registration Fee Calculator available from within our purchased service. Since 1999 we have made this tool freely available for use by the public.

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QLD Registration Fees Calculator

Quicklaw Registration Fees Calculator (QUEENSLAND)

1.  For the transfer of ownership from the Seller to the Buyer


  • Our calculator is current as at 1 July 2023 and only applies to one (1) or more lots on
    one (1) Title Deed only.
  • Type in the full purchase price (in figures) for the property in the box below

Purchase Price

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2.  For the registration or release of a Mortgage

If you need to release the Seller’s mortgage, and/or also register your own mortgage over the property, you will need to pay a standard registration fee of $224.32 for each.

Note: If you would rather use Titles Queensland own calculator or you have two (2) or more lots on two (2) or more titles, we refer you to Titles Queensland.

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