Calculating Transfer Duty (QLD)

Below is a copy of the Queensland Transfer Duty Calculator available from within our purchased service. We have made this tool freely available for use by the public (although note the disclaimer at the bottom).

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QuickLaw Conveyancing Stamp Duty Calculator

Stamp Duty Calculator (QUEENSLAND)

1. Purchase Price*

$.00  (Type the purchase price in figures DO NOT insert any symbols e.g. $ or commas)


If the property is being purchased between arms length Buyer and Seller, stamp duty is calculated on the purchase price in your Contract. If the transactions is between related parties, then insert the purchase price or market valuation, whichever is the higher.

If less than 100% of the property is being transferred the purchase price/market value will need to be reduced by the same proportion.

  Transferors:  Mary and John.  Transferee:  Mary.  Purchase Price:  $400,000.00.  Share being transferred:  50%.  Insert $200,000.00.

2. Residency Status

I am buying my first home / unit
I am buying vacant land to build my first home
I am buying a home (house/unit)
I am buying an investment property (house/unit/vacant land)

NOTE:  This calculator is not applicable where there is more than one Buyer and their status is different (e.g. one is a first home owner, and the other is an Investor).  This is a complicated calculation and you will need to refer to the Queensland Revenue Office. The QRO also has a Transfer Duty Calculator available on their website here.


Do not rely solely on our information about stamp duty or other government concessions as it is always changing and this information cannot fit every situation or cover every bonus/concession scheme offered from time to time. Use these pages as a base and always contact the Queensland Revenue Office before paying stamp duty to ensure that you are paying the correct stamp duty, and your eligibility for any concessions, schemes or bonuses on offer (whether with QRO or other departments).

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