Step 1: Select a Service

Thank you for choosing the Quicklaw interactive online DIY Conveyancing Kit. For the low cost of only $172 per kit, why not save money by doing your own conveyancing? The purchase price you pay includes one (1) fully completed conveyance taken through to settlement.

You can choose from NSW Conveyancing Service (Sydney or other areas), Queensland Conveyancing Service (Brisbane or other areas) or Victoria Conveyancing Service (Melbourne or other areas). Please select the service that you need from the list below and click on the GO button:

New South Wales:


(between relatives/associated parties)



NOTE:  The Quicklaw conveyancing service is suitable for:

  House and Land
  Vacant Land

It is not suitable for:

  Businesses/Commercial property
  Sales/purchases not using the standard REI Contract (e.g. buying off the plan)

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